San Diego Hunger Coalition works with all 44 of San Diego Unified’s School Districts to provide food for children in need. Photo courtesy of Joseph Shumate and San Diego Unified School District.

Communities in San Diego have found innovative ways to assist each other while in quarantine

In light of the coronavirus pandemic, solidarity has brought neighbors and community members together to help individuals receive their necessary meals and share helpful household goods over the past few weeks.

San Diego County reported its first case of coronavirus on March 9. …

Image from Matthew Ansley via Unsplash

San Diego has previously held a reputation for having an abnormally high recidivism rate for the past decade. Recidivism is the likelihood an offender has to return to criminal behavior. In 2011, the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation reported a 71.5% recidivism rate in San Diego amongst paroled participants.

Sarah Alcoser

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